Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Penguin month

2 penguin lover born in same month :)
Owl Cakes & Cupcakes with personalized cupcake wrapper (matching with her invitation)

1950's ,Penguin & Barbell weights 
Try to do her nails lol!!

Do they look a like? :)

Penguin Pirates

2 version of Pirates Penguin

February 2013

Mac&Cheese (Macaroon & cheese cake)

Chinese New Year Cake

Power Ranger

Hellokitty with parasol

Flower arrangement cake

Januar 201y3

A good start for 2013 yay!!

   birthday cake for Max 2nd Birthday ( Modern Jungle)
1st birthday cake for Max 2nd birthday (Modern Jungle)
Anniversary cake for my best friend who also baker :)

Dora Cake 1st for naomi birthday

Sesame Street Cupcake 2nd birthday cake for Naomi

Pink Princess

End of 2012

This cake i made after i got back from my's been a great year,i believe 2013 is greater than 2012 :)
Mini Mouse

Cars Cupcake on track

personalized cupcake wrapper

Christmas cake

cake august-sept!!

It's been a while since a went to Indonesia for vacation. I haven/t been able to catch up with my blog :p
Bellow is cake from August-Sept
My Sister Bridal Shower Cake

My Son 3rd Birthday
My Son 3rd Birthday
Baby Shower Cake

Hello Kitty Castle

A Cake for Teacher

Baby Shower Cake

Smurfs Birthday Cake

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Cousin Baby Shower

I'm hosting baby shower for my cousin,it just for family only we had fun talking,eating,taking picture and open the gift :) Congratulation Angel & Jefry!!

My 1st rainbow cake :)
Mom's cook simply delicious food yummy!!

Daily top 3 on :)

I'm so happy because my Hello kitty cake is made it to daily # 3 at on july 6 :)Thank You Lord!!
Bright Hello kitty

#1 daily top 15 @

#1 daily top 3 @